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Light and darkness. Eyes closed on a journey to your own emotions. The melodies change the rhythm of your heartbeat, while you silently listen to every word sung. It feels like we are all connected and it’s so obviously honest, real, and it’s earnest...

“Indivisible, you hold the world inside. You're incredible, I got shivers down my spine.” With their performances, teepee aim to create a welcoming and safer space, a parallel world where you can stop for a moment and let go. It is a space where any sign of difference is embraced, a place to observe the wonders buried deep within you. Soulful vocal harmonies and captivating melodies help capture the magic between Tereza Lavičková and Miroslav Patočka, who formed the dream-pop project teepee in 2015 and have been exploring the space between electric and acoustic elements ever since. Subtle samples and synthetic sounds provide a bed for their melancholic, honest and confessional lyrics. teepee caught the attention of the Czech independent music scene almost immediately. Over time, they have enriched their original sound which is rooted in indie-folk with more electronic and pop elements, highlighted by the involvement of new live musicians, namely the percussionist Tonda Procházka and multi-instrumentalist Prokop Korb

As Tereza and Miroslav are still the main songwriters, the themes of their songs reflect a wide range of social and environmental issues as well as personal confessions and reflections. Their lyrics revolve around themes of social injustice, gender equality and personal empowerment, but they do not hesitate to cover the most hurtful topics from their own lives. Their concerts therefore embody very intimate and emotional experiences. Close your eyes, listen to teepee’s ethereal sonic drones and let yourself be vulnerable.



new album


coming in September 2024

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Where the Ocean Breaks Remix EP 

A year after the release of their album Where the Ocean Breaks Czech dream-pop duo teepee collaborated with German, Danish, Brazilian and Czech producers to make this remix EP of their tracks. From chill electronica through house to techno, this release is gonna make you dance.


Features tracks from: KIDSØ, BYLJA, Affect!, Gutto Serta, Koltbach, Bratři and badfocus

Where the Ocean Breaks 

teepee's latest album is about hope, reconciliation, love, changes but also about the inequalities in our society, and connection with nature. It reflects a whole range of themes that shaped the duo over the past few years. 

The album was recorded at the Aurora Studios in Vienna together with producer Tom O. Marsh, who in addition to his own project Those Goddamn Hippies also performed with the bands like HVOB and IAMX. The album was released on 31st of January 2021 under the Berlin label Springstoff.


music videos

teepee - closer (Official Video)
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teepee - hazel trees (Official Video)
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teepee - parallel world (Official Video)
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teepee - No Reason
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25. 05. 2024

Lysá Žije

Lysá nad Labem




Bartek Borowka